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19 April

This was the last meeting of the club this season.  Mr Ian Jackson chaired the AGM. The minutes of the 2017 AGM were agreed. The Chairman, John Knipe, gave his report on the past year's activities. Mrs Violet Stockdale then presented the Treasurer's report and was glad to say that the club's finances were in a healthy state. She also tendered her resignation from the post, having held it for three years. Peter Wilkin thanked Violet for her hard work and dedication to the club.

The committee for the 2018/19 season was then elected. President - Mr Ian Jackson. Chairman - Mr John Knipe. Vice-chairman - Mr Terry Hanna. Secretary - Mrs Frances Price. Treasurer - Mrs Angela McCullagh. Programme secretary - Mr Terry Hanna. Competition Secretary - Mrs Muriel Darling. NIPA Rep.- Mr Brian Shields. Web masters - Mr Alan Chowney and Mrs Frances Price. Committee members - Mr John Skelly, Mr Lawrence Perkins and Mr John McCullough.

The incoming chairman, John Knipe, then took the chair and conducted the remainder of the meeting when ideas for the new season were discussed. This was be the last official meeting of the season but members are looking forward to a photographic weekend in Donegal in May and it is hoped to organise a few informal meetings at suitable venues during the summer months. The club will reopen on Thursday 6 September.

22 March

Chairman, John Knipe, welcomed Mrs Margaret Rutledge and Richard Rutledge, the wife and son of the late Charles Rutledge. Charlie, as he was fondly known, was one of the founding members of the club when it was formed back in 1979 and he was an active member right up to his death in 2016.

The club committee decided to hold a competition in Charlie's memory and as mono was one of his passions, members were invited to submit black and white photographs. Judge Bob Given, from Catchlight Camera Club, had the unenviable task of choosing the winning images from a very large entry of high quality prints.

The results were as follows. First - John McCullough, second - Peter Wilkin and third - Brian Blakely. Mrs Rutledge presented the winners with their prizes.

15 March

Wildlife photographer Brendan Hinds from Belfast gave a very interesting talk based on his love of wildlife, especially birds. He showed images which were as diverse as those taken in his own back garden in Glengormley, to those taken on a wildlife safari in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Brendan's images held everyone's interest, both as beautiful photographs in their own right, but also as a natural history journey. He shared his expertise as to the equipment he took on the safari, and the camera settings he used in order to capture the images without himself being eaten by the odd lion!

8 March

Landscape photographer Chris Curry gave a very interesting and informative talk about his work. Chris is the son of Belfast artist, the late, Denis Curry and he certainly demonstrated that the artistic gene had been passed down to him. Chris's photographs showed great planning and composition and a very interested audience was treated to a master class in photography. Stunning images of places such as Belfast, the North Antrim Coast and New York were accompanied by a very informative commentary.

1 February

The 3 Way Print Battle had to be postponed until 5 April due to heavy snow.

1 February

Members welcomed Colin Ross, ARPS, AIPF from Catchlight Camera Club.  Colin is best known as a landacape photographer but is also a very accomplished wildlife photographer.  He showed a wide range of his work and explained how his style and interest had developed over the years.  His images also came from many parts of the world but Scotland remains his firm favourite destination and inspiration. 

25 January

Last Thursday evening  the images which had been submitted for Round 4 of the NIPA competition were judged. This was an open round and there was a wide variety of photographs on view. Club member Terry Hanna had a very successful evening, not only winning all three sections but also coming second in each.


The results of the competition are as follows:-

Mono prints: 1st and 2nd Terry Hanna, 3rd equal  John McCullough and Muriel Darling

Colour prints: 1st and 2nd Terry Hanna , 3rd Alan Chowney, 4th Brian Shields.

PDIs: 1st and 2nd Terry Hanna, 3rd John Tweed, 4th Ricky Stitt.

18 January

Two models volunteered to allow themselves to be photographed by the members who braved it out on a very frosty evening. Kelly and Scott were very willing subjects when they were asked to smile, scowl, turn right, turn left, look up or look down. Club members experimented with different lighting set-ups to try to achieve the perfect portrait. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labours!

 11 January

The last critique session of the year was held when members showed off some of the images they had taken for the forthcoming competition which has 'Food' as its theme. Constructive criticism was invited from members on each of the images as to how they could be improved and this brought the usual mix of shared expertise and friendly banter. Several Youtube videos were shown with club member Terry Hanna offering some very valuable advice on the subject of food photography.

4 January

Members brought and shared short multi-media presentations. A very enjoyable night was had by all as travel logs from places as far apart as New Zealand and County Down were shown, along with African wild-life safaris and the flora and fauna to be found in the back garden. The presentations were accompanied by an interesting and varied selection of sound tracks.

14 December

About 20 members and partners joined together for the Annual Christmas Dinner at Spa Golf Club.  A lovely evening was had with excellent food and craic.

7 December

Mr Brian Maguire, chairman of Belfast Photo Imaging Club, judged the images which had been submitted for Round 3 of the NIPA competition. 'Infrastructure' was the theme of this round and there were many images of bridges, roads, pylons and various other scenes which were deemed to represent this particular topic.


The results of the competition are as follows:-

Mono prints: 1st Frances Price, 2nd Brian Shields, 3rd John Skelly, and 4th John Tweed.

Colour prints: 1st Frances Price, 2nd Alan Chowney, Equal 3rd Terry Hanna and Gary Cowan.

PDIs: Equal 1st Terry Hanna (two images), Equal 3rd John McCullough and Muriel Darling.

30 November

Hugh Wilkinson, was the visiting judge for our annual Beginners' Competition. The winner of each section was presented with a camera/lens cleaning kit.  The definition of a beginner for the purposes of club competitions is someone who has yet to have two images starred by NIPA.


There was a healthy entry for each of the three categories of images. The results of the competition were as follows:-

Mono prints: 1st Violet Stockdale, 2nd John McCullough, 3rd Brian Blakely, Highly commended Gary Cowan, Commended Brian Blakely.

Colour prints: 1st Gary Cowan, 2nd Violet Stockdale, 3rd Brian Shields, Highly commended Gary Cowan, Commended Violet Stockdale.

PDIs: 1st John Knipe, 2nd Peter White, 3rd Angela McCullagh, Highly commended John McCullough, Commended Brian Blakely.

23 November

Nigel Snell was the visiting speaker. this week.   Nigel is a member of Bangor Camera Club and he has a passion for bird photography. He gave a very interesting talk, showing images of wildlife which were taken everywhere from his back garden to Yellowstone Park in the USA.

16 November

The fifth round of the NIPA competitions this year will be held in February and the theme will be Food. In an effort to get inspiration for this topic the visiting speaker was Fergus Jordan from White Cloud Photographic. The passion Fergus has for his work shone through in his talk as he shared ideas and techniques.  It very soon became obvious that taking a stunning image of food was far from being a quick or simple process. Fergus left members of the club with much food for thought!

9 November

Images for possible submission to Round 3 of the NIPA competitions were viewed. Members made suggestions as to how the images could be improved or, in some cases,  decided that an image didn't satisfy the title of this round which is Infrastructure. It was announced that the date for submitting images for Round 3 has had to be brought forward one week to 30 November.

2 November

Round 2 of the NIPA competition took place. This was an open round and there was a large entry in all three sections. The judges agreed that the standard of images was improving with each round of the competition. The results are as follows:-

Mono prints - 1st Brian Blakely, Joint 2nd David Barr and Terry Hanna , and 4th Brian Blakely.

Colour prints - 1st Terry Hanna , 2nd David Barr, 3rd Alan Chowney and 4th Gary Cowan.

PDIs - 1st David Barr, 2nd Frances Price, Joint 3rd Alan Chowney and John McCullough.

26 October

For the past few years Ballynahinch Camera and Digital Imaging Club has produced a calendar containing images taken by the members. The images contained in the calendar are chosen by the members themselves and at last week's meeting the members voted for the images to be included.

19 October

We were to treated to a very entertaining and informative evening when Darren Brown was the guest speaker. Darren is an accomplished all round photographer, but he is renowned for his dog photography. He showed a large number of images of dogs in a very well structured talk and a laugh was never too far from anyone's lips during his presentation. Darren shared many of his tips and techniques by which he obtains his prize-winning images. Accompanying Darren on his visit to Ballynahinch were his two Spanish water dogs, Cassie and Ria who proved to be quite a hit with members of the audience.

12 October

We held the second teach-in of the year with club members Terry Hanna and Lawrence Perkins sharing their expertise in Lightroom and Photoshop. The evening proved to be very informative with much audience participation.

5 October

Members brought laptops and computers and worked in small groups with more advanced members helping others to work on images using Lightroom and Photoshop.   This "post processing session" allowed members to ask many questions and learn about aspects of the software that would be most beneficial for their own work-flow and ultimately improve their images.  This was the first time such an event has been held by the club and it was agreed that it was a very useful exercise.  It recognised that members are coming from very different levels of computer literacy and that with modern digital photography at least some degree of computer skill is essential to produce a finished image. Everyone from the most experienced to the least experienced photographer learned something useful from the evening.

28 September

Entries for Round 1 of the NIPA League were judged by three senior members of the club. They had the daunting task of wading their way through the large entry of images for the each of the three categories. The results are as follows:-

Mono prints - 1st Alan Chowney, 2nd Terry Hanna , 3rd Terry Hanna and 4th Brian Shields.

Colour prints - Joint 1st Terry Hanna and Gary Cowan, 3rd Brian Shields and 4th Muriel Darling.

Projected Digital Images - 1st Terry Hanna, 2nd Frances Price, Joint 3rd Ricky Stitt and David Barr.

21 September

Club members Terry Hanna and Lawrence Perkins gave a very informative talk on LightRoom and PhotoShop. They shared their knowledge and experience in the use of these essential photographic programs. Members also offered their suggestions as to how particular procedures could be carried out and it proved to be a very informative evening.

14 September

The members met to critique images which they may wish to use for open rounds and to get feedback from other members.  This had proved useful last season so that advice could be taken on board and images amended and improved in time for submission.  It also allowed new members to see the type of images which would normally be submitted for competitions.

7 September

Mr Kieran Murray, from Banbridge Camera Club, was the first visiting speaker of the new season to Ballynahinch Camera Club. Kieran gave a very interesting and informative talk on some of the numerous places he has visited in Europe including Iceland and Romania. He illustrated his talk with a large number of high quality prints and answered the many and varied questions from his audience.

Next week's meeting takes the form of a critique evening when images, which have been submitted anonymously by members, will be shown and constructive criticism will be invited from the whole meeting. This type of activity proved to be very useful last year when it was trialled for the first time.

31 August

The members of Ballynahinch Camera Club held their first meeting of the new season in Edengrove Presbyterian Church Hall .  Club Chairman John Knipe welcomed a good turn-out of both new and old members to the club.

Frances Price (club secretary) outlined the programme of events for the 2017/18 season. It is hoped that the programme has a good mix of hands-on, educational and social activities to appeal to all levels of photographic ability.  All members, from the most experienced to the totally inexperienced, were encouraged to submit images for the various photo clinics and competitions which will be held during the year. Most of the competitions are 'open', but the two themed rounds this year are 'Infrastructure' and 'Food' so there is plenty of scope for creativity. Frances gave a short demonstration on how to prepare prints for competitions and John Knipe demonstrated how digital images could be prepared and submitted.

The speaker at next week's meeting is Kieran Murray from Banbridge Camera Club. Kieran is a very accomplished photographer and entertaining speaker. His talk is entitled 'Images of Iceland'.

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