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3 January

Members shared short multi-media presentations. A very enjoyable night was had by all as travel logs from places as far apart as New Zealand, and County Down were shown, along with African wild-life safaris and the flora and fauna to be found in the back garden. The presentations were accompanied by an interesting and varied selection of sound tracks.

10 December

Matthew Canning, from Belfast Photo Imaging Club, was welcomed as the judge for Round 3 of the NIPA competition.  This was a rather peculiar round as the theme was ‘song or book titles’ and it lead to some very unusual interpretations of titles and some even more obscure titles! Matthew had the unenviable job of judging how well each of the many submitted images illustrated the title and how it stood up photographically.  The results of the three categories are as follows:-

Mono prints: First, Frances Price; joint second, John McCullough and Terry Hanna; and fourth, John McCullough.

Colour prints: First, Terry Hanna; second, Frances Price; third, Muriel Darling; and fourth, John McCullough.

Projected Digital Images: First,  Terry Hanna; second and third, Frances Price; and fourth, John Knipe.

6 December

Our guest speaker was Mr Ciaran O’Neill, a wedding photographer from Lurgan. Ciaran gave a very interesting illustrated talk about his business and shared some of the tricks of the trade. He gave a short masterclass on posing your model  and also the effects of different lighting techniques. Ciaran finished his talk by showing the prints he submitted  to get a top award. Everyone agreed that these images were quite beautiful and thought-provoking.

15 November

Our guest speaker was Mrs Maura Ward, aka The Geriatric Traveller. Maura gave club members a fascinating talk, illustrated by many of her photographs, about her travels and adventures in over fifty different countries all over the world. She said that the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease a number of years ago had accelerated her need to travel as much as possible while she still could. Searching for cheap flights, travelling overnight on local buses and staying in hostels helps to make the whole process much more affordable. She finished off by informing the astonished audience that she intends to climb Mount Fuji in Japan next summer to mark her seventieth birthday and to raise money for research into Parkinson’s disease. It was a truly inspirational evening. Maura really lives by the quote on her final slide - “Cover the ground before it covers you” by Dagobert D Runes.

8 November

Our guest speaker was former boxer and currently photo-editor of the Irish News Hugh Russell. Hugh gave members a fascinating insight into the world of photojournalism and the stories behind some of the iconic images which have graced the pages of our newspapers. Hugh showed many of his own images, and those of others, as he deliberated as to what the term photojournalism actually means. He certainly gave members food for thought during a very informative and entertaining talk.

1 November

The results of Round 2 of the NIPA competition were announced. A panel of three internal judges gave their critiques on the submitted images. The results of the three categories are as follows:-

Mono prints: First, Muriel Darling; second, Alan Chowney; joint third, Terry Hanna and Gary Cowan.

Colour prints: First, John McCullough; second, Frances Price; joint third, Terry Hanna and Alan Chowney.

Projected Digital Images: First, Alan Chowney; joint second, Terry Hanna (two images) and Jim Hunter.

25 October

The evening took the form of a self-help session when members divided into groups according to the type/model of camera they owned (Buddy Scheme). They then shared information and techniques which they used with the various cameras and which they found gave good results.

During the second part of the evening members voted for the images which will appear in the club calendar which will be published to celebrate the club’s fortieth anniversary.

18 October

Members Terry Hanna and Lawrence Perkins gave the second of their talks, this time concentrating solely on LightRoom. 

11 October

The evening was devoted to the first Small Group Workshop.  Several members had brought in computers and laptops.  We even had an iMac.  Members sat in groups and discussed issues they had with image editing and the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.  It was very beneficial to actually see and work on images to help explain points.

4 October

Local photographer Philip Kelly was the guest speaker.  Philip gave a very interesting a thought-provoking talk on the topic of Photojournalism. He asked his audience to consider the qualities needed by a photojournalist and what made a good photojournalistic photograph. Philip certainly gave the club members much food for thought in advance of the fifth round of the NIPA competition which is entitled, as you might have guessed, ‘Photojournalism’.

27 September

Entries for Round 1 of the NIPA competition were judged by three senior members of the club. They had the daunting task of wading their way through the large entry of images for the each of the three categories. The results are as follows:-

Mono prints - 1st John McCullough, 2nd and 3rd Brian Blakely , and 4th Frances Price.

Colour prints - 1st John McCullough, equal 2nd Terry Hanna and Alan Chowney and 4th Terry Hanna.

Projected Digital Images - 1st and 2nd Terry Hanna, 3rd John McCullough and 4th Frances Price.

20 September

Members Terry Hanna and Lawrence Perkins gave very informative talks on LightRoom and Photoshop. They shared their knowledge and experience in the use of these essential photographic programs. Members also offered their suggestions as to how particular procedures could be carried out and it proved to be a very informative evening.

13 September

The evening started with Alan Chowney, explaining the exposure triangle and how an understanding of the elements would ensure correctly exposed images.  Club Secretary, Frances Price, then gave a presentation on problems to look out for in photographs that would annoy judges,  such as blown out highlights, over-sharpening and careless cropping.  She also talked about presentation of images and the sizing of PDIs for competitions.  Member, Peter Wilkin, talked about NIPA, the umbrella organisation of which all the clubs in Northern Ireland are part of.  They run a league consisting of 5 rounds of competition. 

6 September

The Club welcomed Darren Brown from Bangor Camera Club.  For those who wanted to know what all the buttons on their cameras do, this was the ideal talk!  Darren explained all the workings of a camera and in the second half of the evening he connected his camera to the laptop so that everyone could see all the settings and what a difference various setting could make to the final captured image.  All present, even the most experienced, learned something new. 

30 August

Ballynahinch Camera Club held its first meeting of the new season last Thursday evening in Edengrove Presbyterian Church Hall .  Club Chairman John Knipe welcomed a good turn-out of both new and old members to the club as it celebrates its fortieth anniversary.  He also took time to remember one of our members, John Skelly, who has sadly passed away during the summer after a short illness.

The programme of events for the 2018/19 season was outlined. It is hoped that the programme has a good mix of hands-on, educational and social activities to appeal to all levels of photographic ability.  All members, from the most experienced to the totally inexperienced, were encouraged to submit images for the various photo clinics and competitions which will be held during the year. Most of the competitions are 'open', but the two themed rounds this year are 'song/book title' and 'Photojournalism' so there is plenty of scope for creativity. Terry Hanna gave a very informative talk on photographic composition. The evening finished with a short slide show depicting the club’s very enjoyable weekend to Donegal in May.

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