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13 April

Ballynahinch Camera Club held their Annual General Meeting. Club member Mr Ian Jackson chaired the meeting. The minutes of the 2016 AGM were agreed. The out-going Chairman, Lawrence Perkins, gave his report on the past year's activities. Mrs Violet Stockdale then presented the Treasurer's report and was glad to say that the club's finances were in a healthy state. Club President, Mr Peter Wilkin, indicated that he wished to stand down from this position and his resignation was reluctantly accepted on the understanding that Peter would remain a member of the club.

The committee for the 2017/18 season was then elected.

President - Mr Ian Jackson. Chairman - Mr John Knipe. Vice-chairman - Mr Terry Hanna. Secretary - Mrs Frances Price. Treasurer - Mrs Violet Stockdale. Programme secretary - Mr Terry Hanna. Competition Secretary - Mrs Muriel Darling. NIPA Rep.- Mr Brian Shields. Web masters - Mr Peter Wilkin and Mrs Frances Price. Committee members - Mr John Skelly, Mr Lawrence Perkins, Mr Alan Chowney and Mr John McCullough.

The incoming chairman, John Knipe, then took the chair and conducted the remainder of the meeting when ideas for the new season were discussed. This was be the last official meeting of the season but it is hoped to organise a few informal meetings at suitable venues during the summer months. The club will reopen on Thursday 7 September.

7 April

Last Friday evening Ballynahinch hosted the annual three-way print battle between  Banbridge, Dundalk and Ballynahinch Camera Clubs. A fine selection of prints, both mono and colour, were presented for judging. Former NIPA President, Mr Martin Spackman, judged the images and when all the number crunching was done, Dundalk emerged the winners with Banbridge runners-up.

30 March

Earlier  in March, members of Ballynahinch Camera and Digital Imaging Club visited the Ulster Aviation Society at the Maze where they had the opportunity to photograph the wide variety of aircraft on display. At their meeting on Thursday evening club member Alan Chowney, who is also a member of the Ulster Aviation Society, gave a brief talk about the work of the society, showed some of his many photographs and gave a little of the history of some of the aircraft. A number of the other members then showed the best of the images they had taken on their visit to the Maze.

23 March

On Thursday evening members of Ballynahinch Camera and Digital Imaging Club were treated to what was probably the highlight of the year's programme - an illustrated talk by Mr Robert Thompson. Robert's interest in natural history began during his childhood explorations of a large parkland estate where he grew up. He is a highly accomplished freelance natural history photographer and author with a number of well-known publications to his credit in natural history and nature photography. He has also been a major contributor to many other high profile publications in Britain and Europe. As one of Ireland’s foremost nature photographers, he is widely acknowledged as a specialist in close-up and macro photography, in the UK and a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and the Irish Photographic Federation. His work is widely published in the UK, Ireland and internationally, with numerous photographic credits in a wide variety of publications. He is a frequent writer and contributor to the photographic press in particular, ‘Wild Planet Photo Magazine’ and ‘Landscape Photography Magazine’. He is also a frequent contributor to a number of other natural history publications and has had several solo exhibitions of his work including the aerial landscape collection from the highly acclaimed “Natural history of Ulster”, which ran for 5 months in the Ulster Museum.

Robert's presentation contained many stunning images, most of them taken in Ireland, of wildlife and landscapes. He also showed several audio-visual sequences which left the large audience in awe. Some of his images can be seen on his website  -

16 March

A Still Life Studio evening was held when members got the opportunity to experiment with different lighting set-ups and to exchange techniques with one another about the finer details of shooting a variety of inanimate objects.

On Sunday 19th March, the club were fortunate enough to be able to visit the Ulster Aviation Society at the Maze, where it had exclusive access to the many different aircraft which are on display. Members, at least those which were small enough, also had the opportunity to sit in some of the pilot seats and fanaticise about what it must have been like to fly these machines. We await with interest to see some of the many images which were captured during the visit.

9 March

Members of Ballynahinch Camera and Digital Imaging Club welcomed Mr Hugh Russell as their visiting speaker.  Hugh gave a very interesting talk, illustrated with many of the photographs he has taken over thirty five years as a photographer with the Irish News. There was a great variety of images on show - some were sad and some were happy, some were horrific and some were very funny. Not everyone gets to photograph US Presidents, Popes and other celebrities as part of their everyday life but Hugh, a former professional boxer,  seems to take it all in his stride. The stories behind many of the images were as interesting as the images themselves and showed that a press photographer's life it usually not a very glamorous one!

2 March

Members of Ballynahinch Camera and Digital Imaging Club left their usual venue and visited the studio of local photographer Stephanie Williamson.  Stephanie gave a very informative and entertaining talk about life as a professional photographer.  She explained how she dealt with the various aspects of her business such as photographing children and wedding parties. The members of the camera club were then invited to inspect and use the various pieces of equipment in Stephanie's studio. A good night was had by all.

23 February

Members wished our Chairman, Lawrence Perkins, many happy returns on his 60th birthday.  His wife had kindly provided a lovely cake to share at tea break.

Mr Brian McKenna, one time chairman of NIPA and renowned photographer, judged the three categories of images which had been submitted for the fifth and final round of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association's competition. The theme for this round was 'Bad weather'  and many of the images featured Newcastle during the recent storms. The results are as follows:-

Mono Prints: First - John Knipe [see image below], Second - John McCullough, Third - Terry Hanna, Fourth - Alan Chowney.

Colour Prints: First - Frances Price, Second - John Tweed, Third - John McCullough, Fourth - Gary Cowan.

Projected Digital Images (PDIs) - First - John Tweed, Second - Frances Price, Third - Angela McCullagh, Fourth - Katie Price.

16 February

Mr Bob Given gave a very interesting and informative illustrated talk on Sports' Photography. Bob is a former member of the club and is now Chairman of Catchlight Camera Club. He is a former winner of  'Amateur Sports Photographer of the Year' and has gone on to win many other awards for his images, caught both on and off the sports' field. Bob's abiding passion is rugby and he showed many stunning photographs which just seemed to capture the moment of impact or effort. He explained how he managed to get such images and much of it seemed to centre around many cold and wet hours spent sitting behind the touch line! Bob also showed images of various other sporting events and shared some of the more technical details of the camera settings required to obtain these sharp photographs.

9 February

A critique evening was held.  Members showed images which they hoped to submit for the fifth and final round of the annual NIPA competition. The theme for this round is Bad Weather and the recent storm and rough seas featured frequently in the photographs. Constructive criticism of the images was offered by the members as to how they might be improved before submitting them for the competition.

2 February

Mr Alistair Hamill inspired everyone with his enthusiasm for taking photographs of the night sky, with special emphasis on aurora. He explained how it was possible to forecast the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights on a particular night and then showed some of the amazing images he has taken over the last few years. Dunluce Castle, The Dark Hedges and Slemish Mountain were some of the iconic foregrounds to his photographs of aurora. His images can be seen on his website at

26 January

Mr Leslie Armour, from Newtownards Camera Club judged the entries for Round 4 of the NIPA Competition. This was an open round so there was a wide variety and a large number of images on show. Each club member is permitted to submit a maximum of three images for each of the three sections and each image is awarded a score by the judge. The member's top mark is submitted into the club's internal league (results announced after Round 5) and the top four images from each section are submitted to NIPA. The results were as follows:-

Mono prints - 1st Frances Price, Joint 2nd Alan Chowney and Terry Hanna (twice).

Colour prints - 1st Alan Chowney, 2nd Alan Chowney, Joint 3rd Gary Cowan and Terry Hanna .

Projected Digital Images - 1st Angel McCullagh, 2nd Terry Hanna, Joint 3rd Alan Cowney and James Carney.

During the meeting Club Chairman, Lawrence Perkins, congratulated Alan Chowney for getting a starred image at the Round 3 NIPA competition. To be awarded a star from the Northern Ireland Photographic Association is quite an achievement.

19 January

It is always good to think outside the box and this is exactly what the members of Ballynahinch Camera Club had been encouraged to do in advance of last week's meeting. The task was to take photographs of everyday utensils found in the kitchen. It may not sound the most exciting of topics but the large and varied entry of images showed much imagination and members had obviously gone to a lot of bother to present the objects in novel ways. The eventual winner, in what was a very closely fought battle, was Terry Hanna with his image of a Greek coffee pot.

12 January

Mr Peter Holloway gave a very interesting and entertaining talk, showing off many of his landscape images taken in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Peter's passion for his subject was very evident and was quite infectious, encouraging everyone to get out into our beautiful countryside with their cameras.

5 January

Members brought and shared short multi-media presentations. A very enjoyable night was had by all as travel logs from places such as Vietnam and Austria, flora and fauna, architecture and many other topics appeared on the screen, accompanied by an even more interesting and varied selection of sound tracks.

8 December

Mr Tommy Morgan from Banbridge Camera Club judged the images which had been submitted for Round 3 of the NIPA Competition. The theme of this round was 'Texture' and it attracted a large number of entries which interpreted the title in many novel ways. The results are as follows:-

Mono prints - 1st  Andrew Loan, 2nd Angela McCullagh, 3rd Carole Hawthorn, 4th Muriel Darling.

Colour prints - Joint 1st Muriel Darling, Alan Chowney and Terry Hanna, 4th John Tweed.

Projected Digital Images - 1st Ricky Stitt, 2nd Terry Hanna, Joint 3rd Lawrence Perkins and Alan Chowney.

The club will be holding its Christmas Dinner on Thursday night and the first meeting of 2017 will be on 5 January when members will present short multi-media presentations.

1 December

The members welcomed Gerry Coe to the Club.  Gerry is a local professional photographer who has been experimenting creating images by using his iPhone and is now widely acclaimed for his work.  He explained how he uses his iPhone or iPad to create new works of art by using various apps, combining and blending them until a new image emerges.  He showed a range of images including ones from his Fellowship panel.  The members were very impressed at how versatile the iPhone and apps could be in creating striking images.

24 November

The Annual Quiz took place.  Unfortunately the turn out by members was rather low.  Nevertheless those present enjoyed plenty of friendly rivalry between the teams and had their general knowledge tested by Harry Goodman, our longstanding Quiz Master.  We also managed to raise £95 from the entrance fees plus a ballot.

17 November

The Ballynahinch Camera Club Beginners Competition was held on Thursday evening.  There have been quite a few new members joining this year and it was great to see such a high entry of images.  We were very privileged to have the NIPA President, Vittorio Silvestri, judge the entries.  He remarked on the high standard of work produced and gave useful remarks on each image entered which was no mean feat given the numbers.   The winner of each section received an Amazon voucher.  The results for the three sections were as follows:



Jim Carney

Belfast Street


John McCullough

Long Shadows


Alan Chowney



Alan Chowney



Ricky Stitt

Spiders Loom


Albert Gordon



Brian Shields

Hare and Tortoise



Katie Price



Brian Shields

Chip off the old block


Alan Chowney

Lunch in Verona


Katie Price

Umbrella Alley


Birds in the Mist

Gary Cowan


Bill McCrory



Jim McClean




Katie Price

Fairy Bubble


Katie Price

Tiger Tiger


Alan Chowney

Too many mouths

10 November

Members held a critique night to go over possible images for the upcoming NIPA Round 3 for which the theme is “texture”.  This is proving a challenging theme as it is hard to know exactly what the judges will be looking for.  Members had brought possible images and discussions followed as to their suitability and to how to improve them before committing to print.

3 November

This week Ballynahinch Camera Club welcomed Danny Gibson, a semi-professional photographer who talked about macro photography.  Danny produces a lot of nature and wildlife images so was very knowledgeable on how to get good macro shots and about the subjects that he photographs.  He brought along the equipment he used and was keen to show that great shots can be taken with minimal equipment and that any Club member would be capable of doing so with a little knowledge and practice.

27 October

Members gathered to see the judging of Round 2 images.  Our judge for the evening was Eileen McCausland, Chair of Dungannon Camera Club.  Eileen had a wide range of images to inspect and gave some useful hints and comments on each.  The results to select images to go forward to NIPA were as follows:

Mono prints
1. John Knipe
2. Frances Price
2. Terry Hanna
4. Brian Blakely
Colour Prints
1. Brian Shields
1. Terry Hanna
3. Terry Hanna
3. Brian Shields
1. Muriel Darling
1. Ricky Stitt
3. Katie Price
3. Muriel Darling

20 October

Club member Terry Hanna gave a very informative talk last Thursday evening on the use of Lightroom. He covered many of the basics such as importing images into catalogues, simple editing techniques and adding images to collections. Terry answered many questions from the interested audience and all left the meeting much better informed about this very useful piece of software.

13 October

Last Thursday evening the members of Ballynahinch Camera and Digital Imaging Club welcomed Mr Hugh Wilkinson from Catchlight Camera Club as their visiting speak. Hugh gave a very informative and entertaining demonstration of a Studio Model Shoot.  Club member Jim McClean volunteered to be the model in his own inimitable fashion and many excellent images were captured. Hugh also showed a selection of portrait prints which he has recently produced and all agreed that these were indeed of a very professional standard.

6 October

The members spent the evening voting to select the images for our Club Calendar 2017.  Each member was entitled to submit up to 2 images.  Anonymous voting sheets were handed out and the results tallied to find 13 images to be included in the calendar which it is intended to have printed up in time for Christmas.

29 September

Ballynahinch Camera and Digital Imaging Club held its fifth meeting of the new season last Thursday evening in Edengrove Presbyterian Church Hall. During the evening the entries for Round 1 of the NIPA competition were judged by Mr Herbie Barr from Banbridge Camera Club. Herbie had the unenviable task of judging the large entry of images for the each of the three categories. The results are as follows:-

Mono prints - 1st  Albert Gordon, Joint 2nd Carole Hawthorne and John Tweed , 4th Terry Hanna.

Colour prints - Joint 1st Terry Hanna and Katie Price, Joint 3rd Terry Hanna and Alan Chowney.

Projected Digital Images - 1st Terry Hanna, 2nd Lawrence Perkins, Joint 3rd James Carney and Frances Price.

22 September

The old saying that to err is human, but to really fowl things up requires a computer was very true at last week's meeting of Ballynahinch Camera Club!  Club members Peter Wilkin and Lawrence Perkins struggled valiantly against the gremlins which seemed to be working overtime in both the projector and laptop. Despite the adverse conditions, Peter and Lawrence gave very informative talks on getting prints ready for presenting at competitions and the use of both Photoshop and Lightroom. Lawrence made special mention of a set of filters which used to cost several hundred pounds and which are now available to download free. They are called Google's Nik Collection, are very intuitive to use and can be used to enhance any digital image.

15 September

Last Thursday evening saw the first-ever Critique Evening at Ballynahinch Camera Club. During the evening members got the opportunity to show images they had taken to the other members of the club. Comments were invited, and after a slow start, quite a lively evening ensued. All of the criticism was constructive, good-natured and at times, very amusing. Suggestions were offered as to how each  image could be improved with such techniques as cropping, changing to mono or adjusting the colour saturation. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening and the wide and varied selection of images and comments were very entertaining.

8 September

Last Thursday evening Mr Kieran Murray, from Banbridge Camera Club, was the first visiting speaker of the new season to Ballynahinch Camera Club.  Kieran gave a very interesting and informative talk on his recent visit to the USA. He illustrated his talk with a large number of high quality prints and answered the many and varied questions from his audience.

Next week's meeting sees a departure from the usual format for the club. Members have been asked to bring along images on memory sticks so that the images can then be projected and seen by everyone. The idea being that a critique can be given on each image with a view to giving suggestions as to how it could be improved in time for the upcoming NIPA competition rounds.

1 September

The members of Ballynahinch Camera Club held their first meeting of the new season last Thursday evening in Edengrove Presbyterian Church Hall .  Club Chairman Lawrence Perkins welcomed a good turn-out of both new and old members to the club.

Club secretary Frances Price started proceedings by paying tribute to founder member Mr Charles Rutledge who had passed away during the summer.

All members, from the most experienced to the totally inexperienced, were encouraged to submit images for the various photo clinics and competitions which will be held during the year. Most of the competitions during the year are 'open', but the two themed rounds this year are 'Texture' and 'Bad weather' so there is plenty of scope for creativity. A short demonstration on how to prepare prints for competitions was also given.

The speaker at next week's meeting is Kieran Murray from Banbridge Camera Club. Kieran is a very accomplished photographer and entertaining speaker. His talk is entitled 'America'.

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